The 10 Hottest New Year’s Eve Parties in Kansas City

Party in Kansas City

That final day of the decade promises grand things to those looking for excitement. As you begin planning how you’ll be ringing in 2020, start with these 10 exciting Kansas City New Year’s Eve parties, events and galas. Some are for families, most are for adults, but they’re all guaranteed to bookend your 2019 with some much-needed fun. 

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30 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Lyft or Uber Driver

If you’re a rideshare driver – whether it’s for Uber, Lyft, or another taxiing company – tips are your livelihood. This is how life is as an independent contractor. Simply taking people from point A to point B won’t cut it; to be successful and earn more money, you need to take your game to the next level.

But how do you succeed at being an Uber or Lyft driver? In no particular order, here are 21 tips, tricks, and helpful driving hacks to ensure your passengers hit that “tip your driver” button.

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5 Rad Kickstarter Car Accessories to Gift for Christmas

Ditch the cardigans and gift cards this Christmas. Be the Secret Santa everyone wants to have, and wrap something special for your special someone this holiday season. You can buy all of these Kickstarter-funded car accessories, gadgets, and gizmos right now—just in time for Mr. Claus to fill up stockings.

Secure 360
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The Best Car TV Shows to Stream: Netflix & Hulu

Streaming Services

If you’re as much a gearhead, car-lover, and automotive enthusiast as we are, you know there’s nothing better than toiling under a hood. Sometimes, however, you just want to transform into a couch potato—and what’s wrong with that? Thanks to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, you can live your life on the sofa and feed your inner car-junkie. Here are the best car TV shows and automotive programs to stream on Netflix and Hulu right now.

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Top 10 Hyundai Commercials Ever: Ranked

Hyundai has long been known as the maker of amazing vehicles, but they’ve also created some of the best car commercials of all time. Oftentimes funny, sometimes inspiring, and always creative, these are the top 10 Hyundai commercials and ad spots we’ve seen over the years. You’ve got 10 minutes to spare, right? Hop to it.

1. The Elevator: Shopper Assurance

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The Best Places In Kansas City To Trick-Or-Treat

Have you noticed fewer and fewer trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood each Halloween? It’s a growing epidemic that’s plaguing more than just Kansas City, as parents across the country are taking their children trick-or-treating in communities that are perceived to be “safer,” or to special “trunk-or-treat” events. Sayonara, Halloween.

Trick or Treaters
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2020 Hyundai Palisade: “The World’s Swankiest Boat on Wheels”

If the decade of crossovers began in 2010, the 2020s are set up to become the decade of 8-seater SUVs. Dozens of full-size utility vehicles have entered the arena recently, hoping to win the favor of thousands of families, but it’s the all-new Hyundai Palisade that’s asserting itself as the Alpha. It’s large, definitely in charge, and even shockingly well-appointed for such an affordable 8-person ute.

Hyundai Palisade
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17 Best Scenic Drives & Missouri Road Trip Destinations

Scenic drives are Missouri’s specialty. (After all, it is the Show Me State!) So, as you begin planning your family’s next road trip in MO, consider venturing through some of these popular highways and byways. You’ll fill your cloud account with more pictures than you could shake a stick at.

Missouri Scenic Drives

17. Missouri Farmlands Road Trip

Where: Sedalia, MO
Length: 50 miles
Season: Best experienced in spring and autumn
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Take an evening road trip around Sedalia’s gorgeous and tranquil farmlands. Picture-perfect rural landscapes abound, and free-roaming livestock, deer, and other wildlife sightings aren’t rare along the Missouri Farmlands Loop.

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15 Expert Tips: What to Look for When Taking a Test Drive

As has been the case since dealerships were invented, taking a test drive before buying a used car is an essential part of the purchasing process. It’s like sampling ice cream at the parlor (do those still exist?): both Pistachio Phudge Pizzazz and Very Berry Bananananza flavors sound right up your alley, so you taste each of them and discover that Pistachio Phudge Pizzazz is disgusting. The same logic can apply when test driving pre-owned vehicles.

Test Drive
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10 Fun Summer Events & Activities in Kansas City

The second half of 2019 has already been a tough pill to swallow: tornadoes ravaged parts of the Kansas City region, a 20-foot-deep sinkhole magically dug itself into Gillham Road, and The Office is officially leaving Netflix’s streaming repository. Breathe and stay positive, fellow Kansas Citians, as KC does have some fun summer activities going on to lighten the mood. If you’ve been stuck spinning in the depressing news cycle, it’s time to break free at these great Kansas City events this summer.

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