10 Best Hyundai Commercials to Prep You for “The Big Game” in 2018

Some of the most powerful commercials in the world are those that tap into the basic human experience and reach down into our souls. In America, car advertisers are among the global leaders in the advertising industry, with some automakers spending over $5 million on a car commercial during “The Big Game.” So, it’s no wonder there are some incredibly entertaining commercials available out there.

Whether they tickle your funny bone, pull your heartstrings, or make you think about life, these Hyundai commercials are some of our favorite. Watch. Enjoy.

1. Hyundai understands the importance of ensuring the safety and honor of your teenage daughters on dates. During the 2016 football game, Hyundai showed just one way they are helping fathers everywhere to chaperone like only a father can.

2. Speaking of dads: In 2014, Hyundai also honored fathers by showing how protecting they can be—even when they’re not particularly focused on the task at hand.

3. It’s not always fun and games. Hyundai takes pride in their support of American troops, and during the 2017 season, they showed this with a tear-jerking reunion of US soldiers and their families just in time to watch The Big Game together.

4. In 2012, the speed of the Veloster Turbo was exhibited in a race against the world’s fastest cat: the cheetah. (Who knew cheetahs could be such sore losers?)

5. Can commercials can make you think about life? Yup. Although created for Hyundai in the Philippines, this touching advertisement speaks to the human side of our Hyundai family. It’s a little longer, but that gives you time to grab a Kleenex.

6. Got a nagging backseat driver? No worries. Watch the video above to realize that you are not alone.

7. We could use clichés and tell you about how our cars can “take your breath away” or “make your heart skip a beat,” but words can’t compete with video. Right, Bob?

8. Touch or Tackle? The Hyundai Santa Fe is the star in this car ad that shows how bullying can come back to bite you.

9. It’s a good thing we’re so close to a future of self-driving cars since some drivers seem to get a bit distracted.

10. Ever been to Ryanville? Neither have we, but we’re sure there are millions of you that would like to pay a visit. Featured in the 2016 Big Game, this Hyundai commercial salutes the man, the myth, the legend: Mr. Ryan Reynolds himself.


With the super-tastic football game about to begin, we thought it fitting to share our list of favorited Hyundai videos and commercials. How’d we do? If you have a suggestion for your favorite car commercial, leave it in the comments!

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