Why Hyundai’s New Safety Features Are The Talk Of The Town

“Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car.”  -E. B. White

No matter where you live, a car is an indispensable tool. Still, not just any car will do. The right car needs to keep you safe, not just get you from A to B. So, we’re going to tell you about some of the safest vehicles on the road today. Buckle up for an adventure, Hyundai fans.

Hyundai’s Phenomenal Range of Safety Features

At McCarthy Blue Springs, we understand that choice is your prerogative and information is power. So, we’re going to give you the skinny on Hyundai’s latest models and safety features.


Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) & Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)

This is a bona fide Hyundai Smartsense safety feature. A mounted camera monitors lane markings and conditions on the road. If you accidentally stray onto another lane without a turn signal, LDWS sends you an audio and visual alert.

LKAS works in tandem with LDWS by providing steering intervention to help you stay in your lane.

Both LDWS and LKAS are crucial when you’re tired or distracted. (Even Tony Stark needs a little help sometimes.)

Current Availability: LDWS is standard in the 2019 Veloster and available in the 2018 Elantra, Ioniq, Santa Fe, Santa Fe Sport, Sonata, and Tucson. LKAS is standard in the 2019 Tucson and Veloster and available in the 2018 Elantra, Ioniq, Sonata, Tucson, and Kona.

Forward Collision Avoidance Assist with Pedestrian Detection & Automatic Emergency Braking

This advanced feature uses a radar system and a camera to detect stationary or moving pedestrians. If you’re bound for a collision, automatic braking is activated, and you get an audio warning.

Think “Tony Stark as Ironman.”

Jarvis is the name of the uploaded AI system in Stark’s armor. It can either follow Stark’s orders or execute cybernetically interpreted commands. Hyundai’s forward-collision assist works like the latter, monitoring the surroundings and independently adjusting your car’s behavior to keep you safe.

And we’re proud to announce that, in early 2019, the Kona Iron Man Limited Edition SUV will premier with this advanced safety feature. So, stay tuned for more info as the next Kona arrives at our Blue Springs Hyundai dealership!

Current Availability: Standard in the 2019 Veloster and 2019 Tucson. Available in the 2018 Elantra, Ioniq, Santa Fe, Santa Fe Sport, Sonata, Tucson, and Kona.


Blind Spot Detection System (BSDS) & Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

BSDS uses ultrasonic, or radar sensors, to alert you to vehicles in your blind spot. RCTA works alongside BSDS to alert you to vehicles in your blind spot when your car is reversing out of a parking space. This effectively prevents collisions.

To date, NHTSA data shows that crash-avoidance technologies such as BSDS and RCTA can effectively reduce the severity of victim injuries in a crash.

Current Availability: BSDS and RCTA are standard in the 2018 Sonata. If you’re interested, both are also available for the 2018 Elantra, Ioniq, Santa Fe, Santa Fe Sport, Tucson, and Kona. For even newer models like the 2019 Tucson and Veloster, BSDS and RCTA can be added.

Adaptive Smart Cruise Control (Adaptive SCC) with City & Highway Autobraking 

You are protected through front-mounted sensors that track the speed and movement of traffic ahead of you. Adaptive Smart Cruise Control helps your Hyundai maintain a safe distance from other cars. In the event of an impending collision, your brakes will automatically activate.

Current Availability: Adaptive SCC and Autobraking are standard in the 2019 Veloster and Tucson. Additionally, there is ready availability for the 2018 Accent, Elantra, Ioniq, Santa Fe, Santa Fe Sport, Sonata, Tucson, and Kona.

Standard Versus Optional: Does It Matter?

Ioniq. Kona. Veloster. Three of the most exciting Hyundai offerings for 2018 and beyond. Why are they so exciting? Because they come with impeccable safety features. Recent crash data from the NHTSA shows that newer Hyundai models are safer than ever before.

In fact, new Hyundai cars are so safe, they consistently win good safety scores from the IIHS and NHTSA each year. So far, the 2018 Hyundai Ioniq HEV, Elantra GT, Santa Fe, Santa Fe Sport, Sonata, and Tucson have already been recognized as IIHS Top Safety Picks. Additionally, the 2018 Santa Fe and Tucson have earned the NHTSA’s coveted 5-Star Overall Safety Rating.


How McCarthy Hyundai Serves Customers

As you premier Hyundai dealer serving Kansas City, Blue Springs, and Lee’s Summit, we proudly support our customers in any way we can. We provide an amazing 10-year Hyundai warranty, up to $2,066 in added value for certified pre-owned Hyundai models, and some of the friendliest salespeople in the business.

Whether you need a safe new Hyundai, quality pre-owned car, or collision repairs, we’re the dealership near Kansas City to reach out to. Visit McCarthy Blue Springs Hyundai at 3000 NW S Outer Rd, or contact us at 816-224-7500 to schedule a test drive today!


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