10 Surprisingly Cool Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

So, you forgot to buy Dad something for Father’s Day…again. You know the drill by now: run to the store to pick up an overpriced pair of funky socks, a bag of beef jerky, and a cheesy card. Throw everything into a bag and call it a night. You’ve done it before, and you’ll probably do it again because that’s just how Father’s Day works.

But what if there was a better way to give Dad a last-minute gift that didn’t seem like a last-minute gift? Check out these 10 Father’s Day gift ideas that will show Dad you put some thought into his present. (Sucker!)

Truck Bed Tent

10) Truck Bed Tent

Does Dad like to camp yet despise sleeping on tree roots? Grab him a tent for his truck bed on Father’s Day. Most OEM truck bed tents can be had for a couple hundred dollars and installed easily – perhaps even more so than a typical tent. Visit our auto parts shop in Blue Springs, MO, to purchase a truck bed tent for your dad. We can install tents on most trucks, including the Nissan Frontier, Chevy Silverado, and Toyota Tacoma.

9) Inflatable Car or SUV Mattress

For dads who are on the road a lot, there’s nothing better than a rejuvenating midday nap – even if it’s in the back of an SUV or car. With an inflatable mattress, your dad can skip his midday espresso and get his well-deserved beauty rest instead. If you decide to buy an inflatable SUV mattress for Father’s Day, we highly recommend comparing the exact measurements of your dad’s vehicle with the mattress’s specs.

8) Portable Coffee Maker

Of course, don’t deprive Dad of his java just because naps are better for him. A portable, travel-ready French press coffee maker, like this AeroPress machine, is a great Father’s Day gift. It can brew a full cup of coffee or espresso in just minutes and can be cleaned just as quickly. Plus, fewer trips to the coffee place that rhymes with “carducks” should help Dad save money.

7) Foldable Credit Card Knife

Although handy, bulky pocket knives are so 1999. Today’s dads expect a more refined product, like a credit card-sized knife that folds up and fits inside a wallet sleeve. Hey, those exist and can be purchased at most retail stores for pennies on the dollar (under $10)!

6) Truck Bed Extender

Gift Dad the possibility of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure by purchasing a bed extender for his truck. Bed extenders, like the one above for the Toyota Tacoma, are affordable, simple to install and uninstall, and will allow Dad to transport all his outdoorsy toys, such as a four-wheeler, kayaks, and dirt bikes. Head into McCarthy Pre-Owned Supercenter near Kansas City to order your dad’s truck bed extension system.

5) Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman

A book? For Dad? You bet this Nick Offerman-authored bestseller is perfect for any father who enjoys the art of comedy mixed with expert tips on woodworking, mustache-growing, or meat-eating. It can be purchased wherever words on paper are sold.

4) Car Seat Neck and Back Massager

Driving long distances can be tiresome, not just mentally but also physically. Even if your dad has a comfortable driver’s seat with lumbar support, neck and back pain can rear its ugly head at any time. Wrap him up a travel seat massager pillow to keep his muscles happy this Father’s Day. Models like this Zyllion massage pillow can be fastened to nearly any seat, offering deep-tissue heating and Shiatsu-style massages to soothe aching necks and backs.

3) Dash Cam

Even with advanced safety technology in vehicles, accidents happen to the best of us. And when they do, a dashboard camera can be a godsend – at least when it comes to insurance claims. Choose a good dash cam for Dad this Father’s Day, and ensure he has a witness at the scene of any crash.

2) Tickets to a Game

Sounds like a copout, but tickets to a game is one of the best last-minute Father’s Day gifts you can buy Dad. Swing for the fences and grab seats at a June Kansas City Royals baseball game, for example. Even if your pops isn’t a fan of baseball, we’re sure he’ll appreciate the atmosphere at Kauffman Stadium.

1) Aluminum Bed Tool Box

Aluminum Bed Tool Box

Sleek yet durable, an aluminum truck bed box is like the Superman of the pickup world. It can handle just about anything Dad can throw at it, in it, or on it – it’s nearly as indestructible as The Man of Steel. In fact, these durable truck bed tool boxes don’t really have a kryptonite, so perhaps they are better than Superman. Whether you buy Dad a truck bed box that slides, locks, or has diamond treads, we promise he’ll find good use for it.

Make a vow to remember to buy Dad a gift for next Father’s Day. And when you inevitably forget your vow next June, come back and revisit this list for another last-minute present idea. (He’ll catch on to your forgetful shenanigans eventually, but why not ride this out while you can?)

If you need help picking up a great truck accessory, SUV add-on, or even a nice pre-owned vehicle for Dad in Kansas City, visit our Blue Springs Hyundai car dealership. We’ll help you order the right gift, just in time for Dad’s special day. Contact us at 816-224-7500 today.

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