First-Ever Hyundai Veloster N: Taking Names & Kicking You-Know-What

Is the 2019 Hyundai Veloster N as good as the critics say (it’s been called an “All-star” by Automobile Magazine)? It can be difficult to know when to believe the hype. Car companies talk the talk about their new vehicles all the time, but how can you be sure they can walk the walk — or drive the drive, as the case may be?

Easy: Evaluate the vehicle’s features, compare it to similar models, and read reviews.  Here are some Veloster N facts, comparisons, and expert analyses, so that you can make the decision for yourself.

Hyundai Veloster N

Veloster N: Hyundai’s High-Performance Car Just Got Better

Like past Veloster models, the 2019 Veloster N is a sport hatchback that’s comparable to the Volkswagen Golf GTI, BMW M2, or the Nissan 370Z.

As far as features go, the Veloster N is a speedster, through and through. For people looking for sporty features, there’s nothing the Veloster N doesn’t offer.  Every Hyundai Veloster N comes with selectable drive modes accessible through a touchscreen console. Switch from Normal to Eco for better fuel-efficiency; put the N into Sport or “N” mode, and calibrate every possible performance setting to get the most out of the Veloster.

See, the ’19 Veloster N is designed to take corners. Powered by a ridiculous 275-hp turbo GDI, this speed demon comes with a specialty N Corner Carving differential. Slip differential is electronically controlled and offers “true torque vectoring” to distribute that torque precisely to the wheels that need it most. Turning speed increases. Wheel slip decreases. Understeer is virtually nonexistent.

The Veloster N isn’t just for taking corners, though.  It also has a state-of-the-art sound system and some nice design features, both inside and out.  Consider the large bore exhaust, rear spoiler, and accent stitching on the seats and steering wheel.  The touchscreen console can project a phone screen, so you’re set as far as entertainment goes.  Then there’s that signature third door, which makes it easier for your passengers to get in. All in all, the Veloster N has style without sacrificing performance.

How Does It Measure Up to the Competition?

N Corner Carving Control helps the Veloster N stand apart from the competition.  According to Forbes, the Veloster N outperforms the competition in a closed track — and at a lower price point.  The Mazda MX-5 Miata, Volkswagen Golf GTI, Nissan 370Z, BMW M2 and Toyota 86 couldn’t keep up with the Veloster N on either front. On a closed track, the 2019 Veloster N handled corners better than the Volkswagen Golf GTI and the BMW M2.  The base price of the Veloster N is $26,900, which is lower than both the VW and BMW.  

Veloster N

Contract “Veloster Madness” at McCarthy Hyundai

If you’re considering a sporty coupe or hatchback, it’s worth taking a look at the 2019 Veloster. In fact, for any budget-conscious shopper in Kansas City, the Veloster should be the first high-performance yet affordable car to test out. Your inner child will thank you.

In addition to the N model, the Veloster is also available as a Turbo and 2.0 trim. Visit McCarthy Blue Springs Hyundai at 3000 Northwest South Outer Road to browse our current selection of Hyundai Veloster cars for sale. Contact our Hyundai dealership in Blue Springs at 816-224-7500 for more updates about the Veloster N or any of our new Hyundai vehicles, or to begin an auto finance application. At McCarthy, you’re always in good hands.

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