Top 10 Hyundai Commercials Ever: Ranked

Hyundai has long been known as the maker of amazing vehicles, but they’ve also created some of the best car commercials of all time. Oftentimes funny, sometimes inspiring, and always creative, these are the top 10 Hyundai commercials and ad spots we’ve seen over the years. You’ve got 10 minutes to spare, right? Hop to it.

1. The Elevator: Shopper Assurance

Did Jason Bateman do a Hyundai commercial? Did he ever. After its airing during 2019’s Big Football Game Extravaganza™, “The Elevator” was ranked by consumers as the best car commercial they watched. Many notable news organizations and authorities also deemed it their favorite car ad of the year, including CNET, Bleacher Report, Chicago Tribune, and TV Guide. Hyundai just proved that there’s always money in a well-made commercial—especially one featuring one of America’s best new SUVs (2020 Palisade).

2. Don’t Tell…

The auto industry’s best-kept secret is the Hyundai Santa Fe. It makes sense for the Santa Fe to star in a car commercial about keeping secrets. The best stories you’ll ever tell start with “don’t tell.” Start yours by leasing the new-generation Santa Fe SUV from a Hyundai dealer near you.

3. Ryanville

Before the appropriately casted Deadpool film overtook cinemas, America was treated to a brilliant Hyundai Elantra commercial. Stylish, handsome, easy on the eyes—what’s not to like about this heartthrob? Shoop shoop ba-doop, indeed. (Oh, and the Elantra also shares screen time with the charming, pre-Deadpool Ryan Reynolds.)

4. It Takes a Village

There are plenty of ways to offer hope. Hyundai’s way is by donating a portion of each new Hyundai vehicle sold to Hyundai Hope on Wheels. Funds have already totaled over $160 million, which means the world is that much closer to finding a cure for childhood cancer. Hope comes standard on every Hyundai.

5. Hope Detector

Let’s double-down on this #HopeComesStandard trend. You’re crying, not me.

6. Family Free

Featuring the Palisade and a background tune by Rudimental (“These Days“), this Hyundai advertisement is one of our favorites. At McCarthy Blue Springs Hyundai, we’re big on family; it’s nice to see an 8-passenger SUV on our showroom floor that’s big for families. If you’d like to test drive the family-friendly Palisade near Kansas City, contact us at 816-224-7500.

7. Team

Before his infamous run-in with Pennywise the Dancing Clown, the child star of IT broke out with this clever Hyundai Santa Fe commercial. Even as his career blossoms, in our hearts he’ll forever be known as “Hero Boy #1.”

8. Million Mile Elantra

Could you put one million miles on your car? Most people won’t drive half of that in their lifetime, yet Farrah Haines did so in just five years. What’s most impressive is that her Hyundai Elantra did so with its original powertrain. Next up: Two million miles. Go get ’em, Farrah.

9. Choices

Life is all about making difficult choices. Vanilla or Chocolate? White or rye? Destroying your beloved NFL souvenir or waiting shirtless in the school drop-off line? This Santa Fe SUV ad spot answers the latter for dads everywhere.

10. Nice

Flirting ain’t easy, even for Big Bang Theory superstar Johnny Galecki. Nice guys may finish last, but at least they’ll have an Elantra to take home.

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