5 Rad Kickstarter Car Accessories to Gift for Christmas

Ditch the cardigans and gift cards this Christmas. Be the Secret Santa everyone wants to have, and wrap something special for your special someone this holiday season. You can buy all of these Kickstarter-funded car accessories, gadgets, and gizmos right now—just in time for Mr. Claus to fill up stockings.

Secure 360
Photo: kickstarter.com

Waylens Secure360 Automotive Security Camera

“The first connected 360-degree dash camera that sees everything going on in and around your vehicle, all the time, even when parked.”

Ever emerge from the grocery store to see a massive dent in your car door? In those instances, your Hyundai Santa Fe’s Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist system won’t save you from visiting your local body shop. Secure360 is the ‘roided-out dashcam you need.

As its name suggests, Waylens’s car security camera keeps track of everything around your vehicle, 24/7/365, and records it all on a teensy-weensy MicroSD card. You can even upload videos to the magical cloud, then watch and control those clips directly from your smartphone or tablet. And if those videos don’t help with your insurance claim, maybe you’ll have a chance of getting on America’s Funniest Videos (Sunday nights at 7:00 PM).

Kickstarter-backed in 2017, Secure360 cameras are now available to purchase for Christmas at www.waylens.com. Prices range from $300 to $400, depending on the model.


Heads Up Display
Photo: hudway.co

“A universal vehicle accessory turning your smartphone into a head-up display (HUD) for any car.”

We can’t all be lucky enough to drive a Hyundai Palisade. For your friends and family who own an older vehicle, give them the gift of HUDWAY Glass; it’s a good alternative to Palisade’s built-in heads-up display.

Glass, which was backed in June 2019, is a lightweight phone mount that transforms smartphones into a projectable heads-up display, or HUD. What makes this different from other third-party HUDs is its reflective lens coating, which ensures a clear, crisp display. With the use of specific apps, drivers can view turn-by-turn directions, speed limits, speed cameras, trip info, and more on their HUDWAY device.

HUDWAY Glass, and its cousin HUDWAY Drive, can be purchased at hudway.co. Glass starts at $50.


Photo: kickstarter.com

“Nitrogen dioxide levels can be 10 times over the legal limit inside your car. We have created the first proven technology to clean it!”

AirBubbl, a UK-designed air purifier for cars, supposedly filters up to 95% of nitrogen dioxide (bad stuff, we assume) from the cabin. Seems like a good deal for anyone who likes to breathe.

The product features a PM2.5 particle filter and a nano-carbon filter to keep icky stuff out of your lungs. Its strong dual-fan design improves overall cabin airflow, and its Thatcham headrest attachment allows for nearly instantaneous installation. You can even operate the AirBubbl from any iOS or Android device via an app.

The AirBubbl device can be purchased at their website for approximately $275.

Moki Doorstep

Moki Doorstep
Photo: kickstarter.com

“Our patent pending vehicle rooftop assistance doorstep grants an individual access to their car top roof racks with one easy step.”

If you’ve got to buy a Christmas gift for a height-challenged, outdoorsy weekend warrior who owns a Hyundai Kona, try the Moki Doorstep. It’s the ideal car accessory for anyone who needs a little extra oomph to get stuff off their roof racks.

Moki Doorstep simply attaches to a vehicle’s “U-shaped slam latch,” allowing for much more convenient access to the top of a car or SUV. It features a rubber bumper and coated hook (to protect your vehicle), has a 400-pound weight limit, and is a universal fit for all vehicles, including the Kona and Elantra. When not in use, that sucker can be stored in the glove box. Convenience, ya’ll.

Buy the Moki Doorstep for about $45 at www.mokidoorstep.com.


Photo: kickstarter.com

“Road trips will never be the same! The Saucemoto dipclip makes it easy to enjoy all your favorite condiments on the go.”

Saucemoto: Is it the perfect stocking stuffer or White Elephant gift? Why not both?

There’s not much to say about Saucemoto. It is an in-car condiment holder that allows users to dip chicken nuggs and Freedom Fries in sauce containers. It fits straight into an air vent. It comes with a reusable, washable ramekin that can hold about 4.9 ketchup packets. It can be stored in the glove box to avoid suspicious looks from coworkers when chauffeuring them to lunch.

It’s also just $7 at saucemoto.com. What a great time to be alive.

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Have a happy holiday season!

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