30 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Lyft or Uber Driver

If you’re a rideshare driver – whether it’s for Uber, Lyft, or another taxiing company – tips are your livelihood. This is how life is as an independent contractor. Simply taking people from point A to point B won’t cut it; to be successful and earn more money, you need to take your game to the next level.

But how do you succeed at being an Uber or Lyft driver? In no particular order, here are 21 tips, tricks, and helpful driving hacks to ensure your passengers hit that “tip your driver” button.

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Are Automated Car Washes Worse or Better Than Hand-Washing?

Spring is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start spring cleaning. But don’t just create a to-do list for your home or your landscaping. Getting your car washed is just as important, especially after the hard winter weather of the Midwest. Here are some expert answers to those frequently asked questions about spring car washing.

Car Wash
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4 Easy Ways To Improve Fuel Economy Without Spending a Penny

As anyone interesting in buying or leasing a car knows, automakers tout fuel economy as one of the most important selling features of any new vehicle — and for good reason. Cars with higher MPG make for less-expensive driving and can shield car owners from fluctuations in gas prices. But you don’t have to buy a new car, much less a hybrid or all-electric one, to improve fuel economy. You can improve the mpg of the car you already own, without spending a penny, by following these tips!

Fuel Economy
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What’s the Difference Between Horsepower & Torque?

You often see them listed as one spec — X horsepower and X pound-feet of torque. But what does that mean, really? Is one more important when it comes to MPH? How do they relate?

If you’re a car aficionado, you’re probably laughing by now, but the truth is that many average car buyers don’t fully understand the differences between HP and torque. Sure, they see that the bigger number is usually better, but that’s not always the case!

So, for the benefit of all our non-motorhead readers, here’s what these terms are really telling you about a particular car’s performance.

Car Driving
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