2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport vs. Kia Sorento: Battle of the Bulk

Hyundai and Kia’s 2018 SUVs are all-new, highly reviewed, and come in a variety of hues, too. (Dr. Seuss couldn’t have done it any better.) So then, what is it about the new Santa Fe Sport that makes it a better buy than the Kia Sorento? Is it price? Fuel efficiency? Features? All of the above, and then some? Our Blue Springs Hyundai dealership believes it’s the latter. Here’s all you need to know about the 2018 Santa Fe vs. Sorento.

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Kansas City’s Best 2017 Summer & Fall Events

Although you may only view us as Blue Springs Hyundai dealers, we’re more than that—we’re also locals who enjoy Kansas City as much as the next person! So, you can trust us when we say that these are some of the absolute best Kansas City events of 2017. Just because the temperatures are skyrocketing doesn’t mean you should deny yourself the pleasure of exploring all of Kansas City’s glorious festivals, events, and activities this year.

987 × 621Photo: thegreatcarshow.com
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Why Should I Buy a Hyundai CPO Vehicle? (& Other FAQs)

Buyers have gotten wise to the money-saving benefits inherent in certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles. Layers of CPO perks, like low out-of-pocket costs and add-on packages, can be peeled back to reveal a vehicle that’s worth more than its sticker price. And proudly leading the perk-packed pack is none other than Hyundai, with its incredible certified pre-owned program and warranties adding up to over $2,000 in savings.


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